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      Original and reliable work

      Original and reliable work

      Original and reliable work

      Original and reliable work

      6 years researching on criminal law


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    • project

      really ,the company homeworkmarket has to do something with its employees. They are not make attention to what we are saying. he made so mad because i sent him my work and i told him o search for two companies and add it to my work and enter them to power point,he just took my work and enter it to the power point

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    • Saving, International Trade, and Outsourcing

      not a good work. without introduction and conclusion in this essay, and then, he adds that, but the introduction all copy from some website without citation. And not meet some requirements.

      profileI'm sorry if you weren't satisfied but you're partly to blame for introducing nonexistent instruction when there wasn't enough time to factor in everything. You had ran out of time and you know it.
    • Leadership Chapter 4
      profileTHANK YOU!!!
    • law assignment BRIEF CASE (MAX 2 PAGES SINGLE SPACE )

      great work !

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    • Leadership Chapter 4
    • History Assessment
      profileWelcome again.