Dr Jamlic

"If you allow others dictate who you are you will never chart your path in life. "



  • Sociology Bachelor’s degree University of Nairobi 1
  • Economics Doctoral Degree University of Nairobi UONBI/1423/17
  • History Master’s degree UON UONBI/1234/17
  • Law Associate's degree KNEC 1992
  • Medicine and health sciences Master’s degree NASCOP MEDNAS/18
  • Political science Associate's degree UOM PLSUOM/1992/19


    Good at policy making and program framework formulation. Economics & Public policy, --MacroEconomics, MicroEconomics, Econometrics, Financial management and Financial Economics

    Business; Communications; Economics; Education; Engineering; English; Gender Studies; Geography; Geology; Health Care; History; Law; Literary Studies; Mathematics; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Religious Studies; Sociology; Urban Planning and Policy and General Questions