Calculus I: Write 120-150 words Definition paragrapghs with at least one example



Every formal piece of writing you turn in from now until you get your college degree should adhere to these guidelines established by the Modern Language Association (MLA).

- All margins should measure one inch.

- The entire text should be double-spaced. This does not mean that you hit “Return” after every line. You will format the line spacing setting in the “Paragraph” tab.

- The font should be standardized (Arial, Times New Roman, or Georgia), and the size should be 12 throughout the entire essay. Under no circumstances should you change the font size.

- A proper heading should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of your paper, but not as part of the header. Headings should contain 4 things in this order: your full name, your teacher’s name, the course name, date (dates should be written in this way: 4 April 2015).

- The text should be aligned left. Do not center or justify the text.

- The header should contain your last name and the page number should appear in the upper right- hand corner, and it should repeat on every page (including the Works Cited page). To do this, use the “Insert” tab and add a “page number.” Type your last name in front of the number, making sure to leave a space in between.

- Paragraphs should be indented five spaces by pressing the “Tab” key once, and there should be no extra spaces separating paragraphs.

- Your title should be centered and located between the heading and the introduction, with no extra spaces. Avoid the urge to embellish: your title should not be bolded, enlarged, italicized, underlined, or placed inside quotation marks. And remember to capitalize “important” words.

• Titles of long works (novels, magazine names, newspaper names, movies, plays, albums, etc.) should be italicized when typing and underlined when writing by hand.

• Titles of short works (short stories, poems, articles, chapters, song titles, etc.) should appear in quotation marks.

- For formal essays, cover pages and report folders are unnecessary.