Health Information Technology


Unit 9 Assignment: GETTING STARTED WITH PRACTICE FUSION (Student Setup Instructions)

1. Go to the following website:

2. Click SIGN UP in the upper right corner of the window.

3. The next window will look like the screenshot below. Complete all the fields with your

information. Be sure that you use an e-mail address that you have access to. Be sure to choose

the option “I am a teacher or student” in the last field.

4. After you’ve completed the required fields and clicked the Sign up for free button, the next

window will instruct you to check the email address you provided for a verification email.

5. In the verification e-mail, there will be a link to click to verify your account. Click the verify

account link in the e-mail. You will then be asked to provide a password for your new Practice

Fusion account.

6. When you are finished creating your password, you are now ready to configure your EHR.

Complete the fields in the screenshot below. Be sure to choose Office staff and 26-40. You do

not have to provide a referral code. You can leave the last field blank.

7. Click the Get Started button.

8. As the EHR is configuring, you will be asked to agree to all terms of the user agreement. Click I

agree to all terms to proceed.

9. Your log in ID will be the email address you used to set up your account. You will use the same

password you created also. This login information will be used each time you login to Practice


10. Once you have logged on, click the Charts button on the left side of the Practice Dashboard.

There should be charts that already exist in the EHR.

11. Select one of the existing patient charts and explore the screen looking at each note to

understand what is in this record.

12. The screenshot below is a view of a patient record. To close this chart, click the close button (x)

next to the patients name at the top of the window.

13. You will add a patient with a first name created by you and your last name. You will create all

other personal information about your patient. This will allow you the experience of adding a

patient to an electronic health record. You will include your patient’s name and chart number in

your paper.

Happy Exploring!