film project


Your project should have an "image gallery" -- a collection of at least 3-5 images • Ask yourself, what pictures would users/researchers most want/need/be interested in? -

- With luck, the various researching you have been doing throughout the project has yielded examples of or at least ideas about good candidates for your image gallery. Please keep in mind that your image selection should relate directly to the context, analysis, and essay for your film.

• Examples of things that might be in your image gallery include but are not exhausted by:

◦ Key film stills ◦ Pictures of actors and directors ◦ Pictures of the real persons or places ◦ Newspaper headlines or articles dealing with the event or person ◦ Movie posters (see the Online Film Resources page) ◦ Newspaper ads (like posters, these would be very relevant -- how the movie

was "sold" to the public) ◦ Paintings -- book jacket illustrations ◦ Cartoons, caricatures -- autographs, letters, "real" documents ◦ Maps ◦ Original art, sketches, doodles (by you or friends, etc.) ◦ Images that relate historically to your film This is your opportunity to be creative. You can create a PowerPoint presentation or a short movie. Your presentation or movie must have your voice (you must be the narrator) therefore each image will need a brief explanation and you must provide a citation of where you got the image. Visit to look at examples of student presentations