*Aristotle* reacting to a written argument


Please read through this entire document before beginning this assignment. Also review the example paper and the rubric.

Estimated completed time: Four hours

This assignment continues what you did in Part 1. You will be referring back to the article you chose and finding sources to support your position.

Purpose: This assignment is designed to help you evaluate source material. By evaluating each source for its message, its usefulness, and author credibility, you will practice critical analysis skills and gain a clearer sense of how sources relate to your writing.

What is an annotated bibliography? Annotated bibliographies are sources that have been evaluated for their content, relevance, and credibility. They contain a formatted citation with information about the source and a summary (annotation) with information about the author’s credibility. They also contain a summary of the source’s content and the source’s relevance to the paper in which the source will be used. Steps to follow You will be finding sources to support the argument you began developing in the Argument Analysis assignment—your counterargument to the one presented in the article. Do not use the original argument as one of your sources for this assignment. You want to find sources that support your side. Make sure you have watched the video called “videoinstructions_annotatedbib,” because it provides information essential to this assignment. Step 1 Choose at least three sources that support your side of the argument. At least one source must be from EBSCOhost. Besides an article, you can search the library ebook databases for a book. One source can be a web page, YouTube video, or other Internet source. The topic for these sources must relate to your argument essay. Every source must have an author and a date. Do not use religious texts as sources for any part of this three-part assignment.

F u l l S a i l U n i v e r s i t y E N C 1 1 0 2 : E n g l i s h C o m p o s i t i o n I I

A s s i g n m e n t : A n n o t a t e d B i b l i o g r a p h y  

Step 2 As shown in the sample argument paper (please follow that model), put your argument at the top of the page, after the title of the paper. Step 3 Cite each source using APA formatting. For information about this, refer to the APA formatting discussion board, the handouts, and the ebook for this course. You may also go to the websites listed at the top of the discussion board for more information, or ask your instructor for help. Put the citation at the top of each annotation.

Sample Journal Citation in APA format:

Gilbert, P. (1991). From voice to text: Reconsidering writing and reading in the English classroom. English Education, 23(4), 195-211.

Make sure to use proper capitalization and punctuation in your citation. Also indent the second line by using a hanging indent. (In Word, go to FormatParagraphSpecialHanging.)

Put an asterisk (*) next to the source(s) you obtained from EBSCOhost.

Step 3 Annotate each source. The annotation should come after the citation and should be in one paragraph that includes each of the following:

1. Summarize in one or two sentences the main idea of the author. What was the main message they conveyed?

2. State in one or two sentences how this source will be used in your paper and why. How will you use the source in your paper? Does it support your thesis (main idea)? If so, how?

3. Give at least one quote from the source and include an in-text citation when you do. Use this quote in your essay (Part 2). The quotation cannot be more than two sentences.

4. Include one or two sentences about the author’s background. Why is the author credible? Is the author an expert about the subject? How knowledgeable about the subject is the author? How do you know?

Things to remember Your name at the top of the page The heading at the top should be: Annotated Bibliography In keeping with APA formatting, margins should be one inch and font should be

Times New Roman Text should be double-spaced State your argument at the top of the page Alphabetize all sources by entry Citations must be APA formatted