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  1. Chapter 13 presents a discussion of the current and historical challenges faced by public health in preventing and reducing the impact of epidemics. Without a doubt, epidemics have informed the understanding of public health and promoted philosophical underpinnings that have shaped ethical responsibilities for every level of society. These lessons continue, especially with the COVID 19 Pandemic, a threat to health care and public health. 

    1. Responding to COVID 19 Pandemic required rationing of medical equipment and medication. Is this ethical? Explain how.
    2. The policy of quarantine goes back to the time of the Black Death. It restricts individuals, movements and contacts with others, and may be viewed as coercive. Using the information in Chapter 13, discuss how quarantine during COVID 19 Pandemic supports or challenges autonomy.
    3. The conflict between the greater good in individual autonomy is a major issue for responding to COVID 19 Pandemic. Using the information in Chapter 13, list three ways that autonomy was limited for the greater good during COVID 19 Pandemic. Explain each of them. 
    4. Use the following rubrics when you are submitting your written assignments
      1. Presentation page 2. Body of your document 3. In-text citation if needed 4. Reference page 5. APA style 7th Edition: A. Permitted fonts: * 12-pt. Times New Roman. Entire document should be double-spaced C. Student Name, Institution, Course Name & Number, Instructor, and Due Date, all on separate lines. D. Change from APA 6: No Running head E. Every page has a page number in the header.

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