Writing about American Airlines accident in LaGuardia who landed in the Hudson River 1250-1500 words



Each student will conduct an in-depth case study of a specific aircraft accident utilizing an NTSB accident report as well as other sources. The students will select the topic accident report and present the topic(AAR1003 US Airways 1549 KLGA). The Turnitin score must be 20% or less. The expectation is that students will write an in-depth analysis of the accident, addressing the following:

· A brief timeline of the accident (including the events leading up to the accident) and the probable cause (as determined by the NTSB).

· The role of the crew (including Flight Attendants, ATC, Maintenance, Dispatch, etc. if applicable).

· The role of management personnel, flight dispatchers, air traffic controllers, other pilots, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance, weather forecasts, and actual conditions in the accident.

· The lessons learned and what recommendations and measures (training, procedural, technological, etc.) have been or still should be adopted to prevent a similar accident.

The paper will be written to APA 7 standards. An ABSTRACT is not required. The paper will include a minimum of 1250-1500 words of content written in New Times Roman, 12-point font. A TITLE page and a REFERENCE page are required in addition to the 1250-1500 words of content. Please use and properly cite five (5) quality references. Wikipedia is not a satisfactory reference. The MS Word paper is due in the D2L Dropbox by 1800, Monday, November 8, 2021.

The attached file is the investigation file from the FAA. It must be cited in the writing along with the other sources. It is also good to read to have a general view of how the accident happened.

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