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Link 4- Fanny Kemble and Pierce Butler (pbs.org)

Now that you have read the three attachments and the above link.

Over the past two weeks, you have considered the changing conditions of American slavery based upon economics and cultural attitudes that were also predicated upon economics. Through the videos and lectures, you have examined how enslaved African Americans forced westward coped or resisted new conditions of servitude. In the Butler and Kemble papers, you have seen these attitudes reflected among native-born Southern plantation owners and managers. You have also read the musings of Fanny Kemble, an English actress and abolitionist married to Pierce Butler, an influential Georgia slave holder, and how that marriage was plagued by Kemble's revulsion of American enslavement.

Based upon your interpretations of the readings,powerpoints, and videos, write a 3-4 page paper that addresses this question: In what ways did "paternalism" fail among both black and white communities?

Paper Guidelines:

3-4 pages, double spaced

New Times Roman, 12-point font

No citations necessary!!!

Email if you have any questions.