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For this assignment, youwill...

● Locate 2 peer-reviewed, academic journal articles from the library to use for

your argumentative research paper. Scholarly articles have data/research to

support them---they are not news ormagazine articles. Look for peer

reviewing, available references, numbers, charts, tables, etc. that may appear in

the articles as applicable. (Also, a lot of the journals have the word "Journal" in

the name of the journal in which the articles appear. Look at the name of the


● In one document, summarize the journal articles. You need separate paragraphs

for each summary. If you usedMagnolia, youmay copy the

abstract/description/summary provided.

● In that same document, provide the works cited citations. If you don't know

what I'm talking about, you need to look in theMLAHelpModule because all

source citationsmust be inMLA format. Stop here and go back to the examples

provided inmy sample for submission. It is prior to this assignment in the

Module. Youmay use www.easybib.com

● Links to an external site.

● to create source citations inMLA format. Then, youmay copy and paste them

onto this assignment at the bottom of your summary paragraphs.

200 words summary per article

Both articles should be on juvenile delinquency