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Please watch the video below using one of the links

The First Rasta | Kanopy or


1. Discussion Board:Answer the following question

Coincidentally, Vesey was a leader in the same Emanuel AME church that was the site of a white supremacist terrorist attack last spring 2015. What are your thoughts on this connection? How can learning the history of Vesey’s planned insurrection inform our anti-racism action thinking and behavior today?

2. Create a Soapstone Analysis based on the video. An example is below.

First Name and Last Name Title of the Analyzed Material

Speaker: The People’s National Party is a political party in Jamica. This website was created as a representative of the party. The “speaker” of this would be the president, which is Mark Golding. Golding has had a significant career in Jamaican Politics and became president in 2020. Golding studied law before he got into politics and is an attorney by profession. Golding has been known for being a social issue and economic development advocate in Jamaica. He has fought for job creation and opportunity for those who live in Jamaica.

Occasion: The People’s National Party was founded in 1938. During this time, there was huge political and social changes occurring in Jamaica. There were huge economic challenges in the 1930s, labor conditions were horrific as people worked long hours and received very little wages, there was social inequality between the wealthy and the poor and there were also racial tension as they were still under British rule. This party represented change and opportunity for those that wished to change their circumstances. The PNP has been one of Jamica’s major political parties and has had a lasting impact on the country.

Audience: The main audience of this political party is everyone who resides in Jamaica, as these are the people who will be directly affected. These people may be seeking change and reform in their communities. PNP is about positive change and helping those in Jamaica. More so, the PNP is traditionally social-democratic and so those who identify with this may support them. They are also working-class people. Those who work long hard hours and are of lower income would support the PNP as well. While the people described would already coincide with this party, the PNP is obviously wanting to reach as many people as possible in Jamaica.

Purpose: The purpose of the People’s National Party is to govern Jamaica first and foremost. They do this by advocating for social justice, equality and fairness, as these are their main focuses. They aim to fight poverty, improve healthcare and education. They are “the people’s party” and work for the people. They strive for economic development and want to create policies that will further their economy. The PNP’s main purpose is to be representative of what the people of Jamaica want and need. They fight for everything that may be a problem for those living there.

Subject: The main subject of this party and their website is politics. They are a political party and therefore, the main subject is political, social and economic change. (Not much left to say about the subject)

Tone: The tone of this website and party is very optimistic. They are a political party, so they obviously want to receive votes and maybe win voters who are on the fence between two parties. They do this by remaining optimistic and professional. They state their mission and talk about everything that they stand for. They have a very positive and future driven mindset which is all optimistic. This may sway voters and get people to vote for them if they want change.