Write an essay analyzing the diversity of Sephora




The research paper must be approximately 8 – 10 pages in length, 12 pt font (Arial or Times New Roman), double spaced, and written in APA or MLA format. Your analysis should include:

1. What is the cultural history/background of the group? Remember, you are introducing the group to your audience. 

2. What are some common experiences this group shares? 

3. Describe this group according the Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions. 

4. What are potential biases or stereotypes of this group? 

§ Who holds these particular stereotypes? 

§ How can these stereotypes affect workplace diversity and inclusion? 

5. In the last five years, discuss the demographic shifts with this group. 

§ What are the current issues and trends with this group? 

§ Describe how these issues inform and influence the workplace in regards to diversity and inclusion?

6. Identify potential discriminatory policies that would affect this group? 

§ Provide alternative policies to would be inclusive to the group. 

7. Describe potential “dos and donts” when leading or working with individuals from this group. 

8. What insights does your analysis provide those in leadership roles on how to create a more inclusive workplace? 

9. In your conclusion, provide a summary of what you learned from this assignment and how did it change or strengthen your views of the group.

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