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You will be asked to answer one of these questions on Test 2. Not all students will be asked the same question. These are the actual test questions, but you do not know which one I will ask you. You should prepare an answer to each question ahead of time. 5-8 sentences. Please write in complete sentences.

Who is an example of a rationalist? Who would be an empiricist? Describe three important differences between rationalism and empiricism.

What was Descartes’ theory of the relation between mind and body? How do mind and body differ for Descartes

Directions: Please respond to the following questions. Your response should be  1-1 ½ page in length. 


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide rates have increased significantly over the past two decades. What are some aspects of modern-day society that may be contributing to this upward trend in deaths by suicide? What are some actions we can take to stem this disturbing tide?