For this assignment, you will create a case study and share that case study in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Describe a scenario that could possibly take place at Champ University. Examples could be coaches forging papers for student-athletes, boosters slipping star players money, rampant drug use among student-athletes, coaches promising recruits extra benefits, or an assistant coach making racist comments to players. You can choose any scenario; if you are not sure if your scenario is appropriate, share your ideas with your instructor before you write the entire case study.

After presenting the elements of your case study, walk through each step of Hums and MacLean’s (2013) Ethical Decision Making Model. As always, be sure to relate the mission, values, and goals of Champ University with your decision and actions.

Conclude your presentation by stating your final decision and the ultimate outcome you hope it will bring to Champ University.

Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics to enhance your presentation. Each slide MUST include ‘speaker notes.’ The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists. You may also record voiceovers throughout the presentation instead of writing speaker notes.

Length: 12-15 slides (with a separate title and reference slide)

Notes Length: 100-150 words for each ‘speaker note’

References: Minimum of three to five scholarly resources

Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style.

Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your presentation should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

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