Wk 3 Discussion - Applying Logic [due Thurs]



Respond to the following prompts in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Consider a recent interaction you have had with a colleague/friend/acquaintance or item that you saw in the media, including news or social media, that might have included logical errors.
  • Share the example as well as the logical errors that are present in the example. Be sure to use terms and concepts from the content covered this week to support your discussion.

Please Note: I get a lot of inappropriate responses for this discussion question since most responses will simply state that what they think is correct is logical, which may not be correct. The response to this discussion question should include common logic fallacies as defined in this weeks material, such as:

If then statements

AND/OR/NOT logic examples

Induction or deduction or inference statements

Correlation is not causation

False dichotomies (there are only two kinds of people in the world, etc)

Circular reasoning

Gamblers fallacy

False Dilemma


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