Wireshark introduction Lab


                                                Wireshark Introduction Lab
Turn-in Requirements: To complete the assignment, upload a Word (.docx) or Adobe (.pdf)
file with answers to these questions as your submission to the M01 Lab assignment in
Blackboard. You must include a screenshot for each question.

1. (10 pts) Note the Source and Destination columns in the Packet List containing IP
addresses. You should see one particular IP address repeated in nearly every packet as
the Source or Destination. What is this IP address and what device does it represent?
Provide a screenshot in your lab report.

2. (10 pts) Examine the Protocol column in the Packet List pane. Just estimating by
scrolling through the packets, what protocol seems to be listed the most (Wireshark
provides several ways to capture exact statistics like this, but such precision is not
necessary for this introductory lab). Provide a screenshot in your lab report.

3. (10 pts) Highlight one of the packets in the Packet List pane and examine the
information displayed in the Packet Details pane. Without expanding any of the rows,
look at the information provided and identify which layers of the OSI model rows 2, 3

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