What Have Researchers Learned About Poverty in Pakistan


Literature Review 

  1. In class, we learned how to write the introduction and conclusion of the Literature Review section, which includes:
    • Introduction (6 sentences on p. 10a)
    • Review of Literature (using notes on p. 13a - ONE objective summary is graded already -- apply feedback)
    • Analysis of Literature (compare and contrast activity on p. 16a)
    • For this submission: You will submit your full draft of the Literature Review in a WORD document.
    •  YOU MUST CHECK YOUR SIMILARITY prior to submission here. 
    • Grading: 
    • Title Page = 10 pts
    • Literature Review: Intro, Review of Literature, and Analysis of Literature WITH in-text citations and correct level headings:
    • Introduction = 15 pts
    • Review of Literature = 40 pts
    • Analysis of Literature = 20 pts
    • References page with ALL three research articles listed = 15 pts

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