One of the course's themes has been the contrast of commercial leadership and criminal justice leadership. In some ways, the tactics and challenges of the two realms are comparable, yet there are significant contrasts.

For this project, you will contrast the roles of a police chief with a company CEO.

What are the similarities and differences between a company executive's and a police chief's leadership styles? Refer back to the characteristics discussed earlier in the course.

In what respects do the management responsibilities of a police chief mirror those of a private-sector executive? A police commander does not have to meet with stockholders, and a corporate CEO does not have to question suspects, but they do share many jobs  x trench run .

Strategic planning is an essential component of leadership. Of course, a police chief's priority will be to reduce crime rates. Describe at least five additional reasonable, measurable goals that a police chief will wish to achieve.

Recruitment and hiring are significant challenges for many police units. Many departments find it difficult or impossible to attract new officers who reflect the community's diversity. How should a police chief approach this problem?

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