Week 7


This week we will be discussing the Designing a Reverse Logistics Network. Although economic terms are important, we also want to discuss other terms that are also important in this kind of analysis. This week, the topics of discussion that you are required to address are:

  • Design Considerations
  • Steps of Design
  • Product Acquisition, Grading, and Disposition Decisions  
  • Production Planning and Control for Remanufacturing  
  • Market for Remanufactured Products—Empirical Findings  
  • Examples of Existing Profitable Practices in Product Take-Back and Recovery  

Explain and discuss how to design a Reverse Logistics 

I look forward to your comments and discussion regarding this week's questions.

The source should be scholarly or peer-reviewed. You will need to cite and reference (in APA) at least two sources to support your posting for this week.   Only need 200 words 

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