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Although some concepts look good on paper or as a theory backed by valid research, in practice they may not work or may not be applicable to specific situations.  Being able to institute policies that are based on studies takes time and understanding of what exactly does the research suggests (Robbins and Judge, 2017).  While keeping the aforementioned in mind, start thinking about the topic for the final paper.

For the final paper, you are to choose either the company you work for or one that you have knowledge about with regards to whether OB techniques are in place for managerial tasks as well as for other areas such as production, hiring techniques (e.g., psychological assessments), disciplinary techniques, etc.  Be sure to define the concept of OB practices as you have understood them upon applying them to the situation.  Please,  provide information that you have learned from the authors who were cited in the textbook along with the other material from the course that supports your ideas.  Use examples.  

If you do not see where OB techniques have been utilized in the chosen company, state why you believe so.  Apply principles that you have learned about OB that you feel would bring the company to a better standard for management as well as business in general.  If you are the owner or part of a family business, show where what you have learned over the past several weeks has helped (if it has) with going forward to create a better workplace.   

Include whether OB techniques are a good implement to choose for the workplace you are writing about.  Where would they not work and why.  Remember to include emotional intelligence (EI) as it is one of the more important aspects of OB (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4085815/); https://businesspedia.in/emotional-intelligence-organizational-behavior/).

This is to be an in-depth writing.  Use the template that is provided. The paper needs to be double-spaced and have no more than four pages. Do not include the title page (face page) even though it is numbered as part of the four pages needed.  If you have an abstract, include that page as one of the four. Papers are due on the last day of class. No late assignments will be accepted.

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