Week 10


1. What are the duties of the President?

2. Which branch of Government is the strongest: Be specific: Justify your answer.

3. What are expressive powers? which expressed powers of the President are specifically outlined in the Constitution? and where?

4. What are examples  of unilateral use of Presidential emergency powers? which ones were most recently used by President Trump? Cite examples.

5. What are Constitutional provisions of the President's Legislative power?

6. what were Implied Powers? Cite examples.

7. What are Delegated Powers? Cite examples.

8. What is the War Powers Act? Does it gives too much power to the President? Can that be dangerous?

9. Identify or define the following:

a. Cabinet

b. Regulatory Review

c. OMB

d. Inherent Powers

e. Pocket Veto

f. Pocket Veto

g. delegated powers

h. executive agreement

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