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 1.5-2-page nothing less. APA Format Font should be 12 point, margins should be 1” (upper, lower, left, right) with learner’s name, course number, and date at the top of each page. Please do not accept if you cannot follow the instructions. 

Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:

  • Assess the demands of customers.


Assignment Instructions

Using Microsoft Word write a 1.5-2-page response addressing the following:

  • How might IBM develop a portfolio of relationship strategies to meet the needs of such diverse customer groups?
  • Some customers in each group are more costly to serve than others. How should such cost differences be reflected in the particular relationship strategies that IBM follows?
  • What strategies can IBM follow to increase customers' switching costs in Group B or Group C or increase the profits it derives from these customer groups?

Be sure the response follows the following guidelines:

  • Include a minimum of two peer-reviewed resources beyond the textbook.
  • One well-developed paragraph (at least three to five sentences) for each question. 
  • Make sure to cite any outside sources using current edition APA formatting.

Use the assignment rubric to guide your efforts.

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