Urban and Metropolitan Studies Final Paper Update Assignments (1-2 pages essay)


Final Paper 

Based on different ideas from the reading, lectures, and outside work, you will develop an idea for improving a city. For example, you can propose a new housing development, business, multi-use site, public space, or art installation. This can be an idea geared toward the future, and you have an unlimited budget as well as creative liberties to change the urban landscape (i.e., tear down an existing building, relocate businesses) as necessary. You can choose any city you like, but you must be specific about where the project would be located. The proposal for your project should be at least 10 pages and must answer the follow: • Project Title • City and exact location—if you can include a map (if relevant) of the location that would be helpful. • Problem statement: What urban problem are you addressing with this project? • Description of the project in detail • Why the project is important • Who will be involved and whom it will impact • Long-term goals of the project • Any potential unexpected consequences or negative outcomes associated with the project 

 Final Paper Update Assignments

Because it is important to engage with your project and course material all semester, there will be two assignments that serve as check points to help you move toward the final project. At two points in the semester, you will write a 1 to 2-page essay on how your project applies to what we have been  6 learning in class up to those points. This will serve to ensure you use course concepts in the final project, allow us to interact about your progress, and hopefully bring to life the readings in a more meaningful way. These updates should be 1-2 pages and include: A description of your idea and specific ways it applies to the course topics we discussed over the previous weeks. The Blackboard assignment links will have more specific rubrics for these updates.

reference book

Hutter, M. (2016). Experiencing cities. (3rd ed.) New York: Routledge.

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