Updated SLO 3


 Student Learning Outcome 4:  Students will demonstrate an ability to articulate and apply a public service perspective. Write a 2 page Case Study with introduction and Conclusion

Topics that would demonstrate your mastery of this SLO include:

  • discussion of the MPA program values of (a) democracy, (b) diversity, and (c) due process and their applicability to how public administrators or public organizations should operate and how public administrators or public organizations should interact with stakeholders.  
  • Here are the details that explain and elaborate on the SLO:  
  •  Write an introduction on the SLo4, the 3 different paragraphs write about Democracy, Diversity, and Due process on how public administrators should operate in a public organization. T
  • Define the 3 in each paragraph, and what you think it means, next think of 2 topics for each. 
  • So 2 topics on Democracy, Diversity, and Due Process explain what the 2 topics are and how they relate to how public administrators or public organizations should operate and how public administrators or organizations should interact with stakeholders. Don't forget to connect the SLO4 to the 3 (D)s
  • Example: How to use resources that organizations offer to meet goals. Define what this means in your own words. Then Pick 2 topics that are resources such as Technology and Money. Next, you will define what technology and money is and how they are used within an organization. Money could be funding or fundraising and elaborate on this. do the same for Technology.
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