Objective:  The objective of this homework assignment is to help students deepen  their understanding of Gestalt principles of perception and how they  apply to real-world scenarios.


Part 1: Research and Review 

  1. Review the following Gestalt principles and discuss them:
    • Proximity
    • Similarity
    • Closure
    • Continuity
    • Figure-Ground
  2. Take notes on each principle, its definition, and any examples.

Part 2: Real-World Application :

  1. Find  three real-world examples or situations where you can observe and apply  at least one of the Gestalt principles. These situations can be from  everyday life, advertisements, art, or any other context.
  2. For each example, describe:
    • The specific Gestalt principle(s) that apply.
    • How the principle(s) influence your perception or interpretation of the situation.
    • Why you think the principle(s) were used .

Part 3: Reflection :

  1. Reflect on your findings and consider the following questions:
    • How  do Gestalt principles of perception contribute to our understanding of  how we perceive and make sense of the world around us?
    • Can you think of any situations where these principles might lead to misconceptions or misinterpretations?
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