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Topic: Select one emerging trend in the health care and/or health care technology industry. What are three take-a-ways from this course that you could use to implement this trend? Given the financial alignment models in the health care industry today, would this technology be readily accepted and cost justified? If yes, explain. If no, what changes in financing policy would have to occur to deem this technology sustainable? ( Choose Telehealth)

Course: learn how sustainable health information technologies and applications assist leaders in the execution of organizational strategies and the transformation of the health care environment. They can also learn how these complex systems help decision makers in the organization to improve patient care outcomes and performance. Topics include evolving technologies such as data analytics, eHealth, personalized medicine, and social media; using technology applications to manage population health; risk assessment, including legal and ethical issues in health information technology; and change management. Students are challenged by scenario-based discussions that analyze best information technology practices across multiple industries.

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