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2/10/24, 4:57 PM W2: Technology - TLMT200 I002 Winter 2024 1/2

W2: Technology

TLMT200 I002 Winter 2024 LE

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This week, we explore three systems used by supply chain managers to run their

supply chains operations.

Each of these three options is very successful in what they do for a company's

supply chains.

You have two actions in this discussion. First is to examine the three types of


Second, you select one. Oh, there is no wrong selection. You use your opinion and expertise and familiarity with processing large amounts of data, or dreaming

of such, if you have not been involved in this activity so far.

Then answer these two questions in your opening:

1. What is the difference among an APS, a CRM, and an ERP system?

2. Which of the three would be most beneficial to a retailer who could not afford

all three?

You can use the source from class and go on the Internet to see what other key

facts are out there.

Source: Textbook 1: Hugos, p. 134, question #4; end of chapter 6.

Do remember to read all of the instructions below; they impact your grade. This

week is a bit different than the first week in posting initial comment and replies.

Discussion Guidelines

2/10/24, 4:57 PM W2: Technology - TLMT200 I002 Winter 2024 2/2


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