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Holistic description: A high-quality comment provides evidence that you have read the text (or watched or listened to the content) an trying to understand the key ideas. In doing so, your comment will also help others to do the same. Use this holistic description to select the most and least effective of the 3 student comments below. Justify your choices.

Understanding social and personality development requires looking at children from three perspectives that interact to shape development. The first is the social context in which each child lives, especially the relationships that provide security, guidance, and knowledge.

Comments S1 I like that this doesn't mention any type of relationship but rather just specific qualities of relationships. That's important since we are involved in a myriad of relationships, not just obvious ones like through our parents/friends.

S2 This is a very long-winded and overly complicated way of saying that your experiences influence who you become.

S3 Humans crave relationships with others. It is how we form our sense of self and identity - through the social roles and influences we experience throughout our lives. It would be difficult to study human development without also studying

Click on this text and indicate which of the above comments you think is the most effective and why. Refer to the above holistic description of a high-quality reading comment to explain why. 1.2 Click on this text and indicate which of the above comments you think is the least effective and why. Refer to the holistic description to explain why.