Theatre Discussion


1. Two paragraphs, two ideas, two points of view (average 160 words each) about each of the following tasks : Task A and Task B : 

A.  After watching a PowerPoint Presentation: The Actor, watch the first group of two video clips associated with this discussion. (Bad Acting and Henry Thomas - Okay Kid you got the job....) Discuss your understanding of what constitutes bad, mediocre, good and great acting. What is it that an actor does or doesn't do that would place them in them in one or the other of those categories? What are the minimum standards for good acting? Use examples from the two video clips to prove your points. 

B.  Molière believed that the duty of comedy is to correct human vices by exposing them and mocking them to absurd extreme. He also believed that human behavior should be governed by reason and moderation. In Tartuffe, he presents characters who engage in extremely negative behavior driven by passion or emotion rather than reason or common sense. Identify two or three characters from the play who fall into this category and discuss their specific extremely negative behaviors, the consequences of their actions and what that means to you. 

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