The Real v. the Ideal

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This final discussion has three interrelated parts. In a 300-400 word post address all 3 questions.

1) Are you more persuaded my Mitt Romney's and other's optimistic view of American Exceptionalism or Howard Zinn's, and other's, more pessimistic view? How close is the US to its ideals? Why?

2) What are two things you would change about the American Political System and what are two things you would keep the same?

3) Many of the political science perspectives (including the Our Own Worst Enemy book)  we've seen this semester discuss ways to better protect democracy in the US.  Pick two of these proposals. Which strike you as helpful and which don't and be sure to support this answer with your reasons why.

Use any 2 resources below or attach


Is America the Greatest Country?


Equality and Inequality


Debating American Exceptionalism (see attachment below)

God Bless America or This Land is Your Land (see attachment below)


This Land is Your Land (see attachment below)


Mitt Romney: Prizing Freedom (see attachment below)


Howard Zinn: A Challenge to American Exceptionalism (see attachment below)

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