1. It should contain at least 100 words

2. It should reflect your own ideas

3. Please use the following questions to guide your thinking process, but do not answer the questions one by one. (You do not need to use all the questions) 

1) Reflective Question#1. In the 1st half of the video, how do you think the dragon-fox girl feels?

2) Reflective Question#2. Why do you think she feel that way?

3) Reflective Question#3. Who changes the dragon-fox girl in the middle of the video? 

4) Reflective Question#4. What are the changes can you see on the dragon-fox girl in the 2nd half of the video? 

5) Reflective Question#5. What do you think this story intend to teach us through the dragon-fox girl metaphor? 

6) Reflective Question#6. Have you had similar experience as the dragon-fox girl in your life? Could you share your story? 

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