Sub-Field Technique- Hair Evidence - Final


The topic for your research paper will start with your choice of any sub-field technique in forensic science about which you would like to know more. For example: DNA analysis, blood spatter; etc. I recommend looking at the table of contents of your text, as it divides up forensic science into it's many sub-fields. Topics will be approved by the instructor in the first preparation assignment.

  • In your paper you will cover a number of different things about the sub-field you select:
    • Trace the origin and the development of this sub-field/technique 
      • This should be a detailed and thorough exploration of the origin of the sub-field with reference to its development in the historical context
    • Analyze the sub-field and determine what it can and cannot tell about evidence at a crime scene.
      • This should be a thorough and in depth analysis of the sub-field and a full and detailed discussion of the utility and weaknesses of this sub-field in examining evidence
    • Explain the role of this sub-field in forensic science, and how it fits into the broader criminal justice system
      • This should be a detailed and deep discussion of the part played by this sub-field in forensic science and how it fits into the broader criminal justice and legal system
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