study question 3



  1. Read Sturken and Cartwright (Chapters 3–5). View the National Parks in Illinois at and explore each of the five parks and after viewing this Internet nature experience, reflectively respond to the first study question. Consider how one’s perception affects a work of art.
  2. Review the national parks on the Internet: When has nature taken you outside yourself? Describe an experience in which you were overtaken with a sense of awe. Locate a poem (not in the text) that portrays the feelings you experienced. Cite the poem and explain why this poem speaks to you.
  3. From Sturken and Cartwright (Chapter 4 pp. 151–174 and Chapter 5 pp. 204–212): What does the usage of perspective imply? What led to the invention of photography? How has photography influenced art and daily life? How have digital images influenced art and daily life? 
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