Spring Flowers 58


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Spring Flowers 58

● First, you will review a current Classroom Assessment SEE ATTACHED

Student data 1 & 2

● Next, you will organize your data in a data chart. ● Lastly, you will write a thorough reflection using the prompts below. Please

ensure that your reflection is typed in 12-point font size, Times New Roman, and double-spaced.

When submitting your assignment, please ensure that you include a cover sheet, the data chart you used to organize the data, and your reflection. Your cover sheet should include your name, date, course name, semester, and assignment title. All three items should be compiled into a PDF file and submitted together as a final submission.

Reflection Prompts:

1. According to the data results, what are some common strengths and/or weaknesses you found amongst your students?

2. How accurate do you feel the assessment data was in identifying if your students mastered the content? Explain.

3. After analyzing your class results, what activities/instructional strategies should you incorporate in your future lessons?

4. Based on the results of this data, how will this affect your teaching moving forward?