This will be a Special Occasion Speech/Tribute Speech on an individual you know personally. You MAY NOT choose a celebrity, sports figure, or any other famous person. 

A Tribute Speech is a type of commemorative speech that recognizes, celebrates and praises an individual.

You might make a speech honoring a teacher you have had, a special friend or someone you admire--your father, mother, a sister or brother. The person you pay tribute to does not have to be famous, have earned awards or be reported in the media. If you can think of particular values the person has lived out and can think of experiences or stories to illustrate these values, then you can construct a speech of tribute about this person.


  1. The speech should      include:
    1. an introduction which includes the       following four elements: Attention       Material, Credibility Material, Reveal Thesis and Preview Main Points.
    2. an organized body       with the three main points as described in the Outline assigned for this       speech;
    3. a conclusion as       described in the Outline assigned for this speech; 
    4. transitions       throughout the speech to enhance message clarity. 
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