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1. Explore the possibilities for college and university students in the Spanish speaking world.  Choose a college or university in the Spanish speaking world that YOU find particularly interesting.  

Describe the institution in a paragraph in English (8+ sentences).  Talk about the course offerings, the size, the architecture, and any other information you found interesting.  Do they have a Study Abroad program for students from other countries that are interested in taking courses there?

Please, do not simply copy and paste a description of the institution.

2. Electronic translators are only somewhat effective, primarily for superficial interactions, and most multilingual people would agree that ultimately, they actually limit the potential richness and complexity of interactions we could have with others.  Why do you think these tools might actually restrict depth of communication?  Be specific in your response.

3 . After watching the clip on the previous page of the 2 toddlers interacting... Do you think they were communicating?  What specifically about their 'interaction' makes you think they were (not) communicating?  Be specific about your justification.  (2+ sentences)

4.  What do you think these toddlers were trying to express to each other?  There is no right/wrong answer - Consider what aspects of the clip are informing your assumptions (body language, tone, facial expressions, etc.).

5.   How has the pandemic impacted your experiences with communication (wearing masks, zoom sessions, social distancing, etc.)?

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