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How does your agency fit into the community in which it serves? What factors affect what it is able to do or what it claims to do? For the next slide in your Agency Presentation, due in full by Week 9, consider these questions as you present the community context of your agency.

For this Discussion in the Agency Presentation sequence, recall that you uploaded the indicated slide from your Agency Presentation for comparison and online Discussion this week, as well as possible Synchronous Video Conference Meeting Discussion next week.

To Prepare

  • Review the Week 9 Assignment instructions.
  • Develop the slide for the Week 9 Assignment focusing on the community context of a social work agency.
    • Recall that the goal of the Agency Presentation is to examine the characteristics of your agency in reference to the field of social work and the types of services offered to clients.
  • Note: Your complete Week 9 Final Project submission requires a reference page. Be sure to continue the process of compiling your reference list now and for each week’s submission prior to Week 9.

By Day 3

Upload the slide from your Agency Presentation that relates to how the agency interacts with the community or its role in the community.

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