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 As you may recall, evidence-based practice relies on best available evidence, which is drawn from current research studies. But, just because a research study is published, it doesn’t mean it is without flaw. Social workers must make value determinations every time they interact with research they may apply to practice.

Imagine that you are a practicing social worker and encounter a question, issue, or challenge on which you need to learn more. You search in the social work literature and find a quantitative study on the topic. As you read it, you ask critical questions, closely analyze how the study was framed and conducted, monitor efforts toward validity, and ultimately decide whether to integrate the information in practice.

For this Assignment, you replicate this process of critical evaluation by critiquing a quantitative research study.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources on critical reading and critique/evaluation.
  • Select one of the quantitative research articles your Instructor has provided.
  • Read the research article with a critical eye, taking notes and considering how the study was conducted.
  • Download the Critique Template in the Learning Resources for use in this Assignment.

By Day 7

Submit a 3-page critique of the peer-reviewed research study you have chosen from those provided by your Instructor.

In your Assignment, be sure to identify and evaluate the following, as described in the template:

  • Title and Authors
  • Literature Review
  • Strategy of Research (Descriptive, Exploratory, Explanatory)
  • Methodological Approach and Design
  • Threats to Internal Validity
  • Application to Practice
    • Based on your critique of this study, is this social work intervention or knowledge safe to integrate into your practice? Why or why not?

Use the Learning Resources to support your critique. Make sure to include appropriate APA citations and a reference list. 

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