smart system research project


Please refer to the attached documents for the assignment.

Assignment Details: 

Part I - Using the attached Requirements template, create a list of requirements for a Smart Highway with at least five (5) integrated Smart systems identified in your research with at least 40 requirements (total) for these five (5) Smart systems. PMI (2021) indicates “the term requirement generally refers to a customer need while specification refers to a detailed, usually technical description of how that need will be met” (para. 1). A Requirement states what a product must/will/can do or a quality it possesses. A Specification is a collection of requirements that are used in the design of that product. Do not include specifications (such as products that you discover) – just requirements. 

Part II - Write at least a 5 page Word document, double-spaced, detailing your proposed trip on a Smart Highway. The paper must include all five (5) of the integrated Smart systems identified in your research and two (2) requirements for each of the five (5) integrated Smart systems.  Your paper must include at least seven (7) references along with their in-text citations. Research must include scholarly references but can also include YouTube videos, websites, blogs, etc. on the Smart system(s). Also view YouTube videos on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to extend your research on how Smart systems may evolve over time. 

Submit your paper and your Requirements list, using the template provided.

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