Select a topic and use The Philosophy Vaughn’s textbook to respond it.



Topic A:

   What is Martin Gardner's argument for the objectivist view of art? Do you agree? Why or why not?        Use Vaughn’s textbook to help you explain Gardner’s theory and its  strengths and weaknesses. Choose an object, performance, or piece of  writing as an example, and explain whether Gardner’s theory would  classify the object as Art. Do you agree with objectivism about Art or  do you find another theory more convincing? Defend your point of view.    

Topic B:

   Explain Locke’s view of human nature. Use details from the textbook  to support your description. Explain Hobbes’s view of human nature,  again using details from the textbook to support your description. How  do Locke's view of human nature and Hobbes' view differ? Which do you  think is more accurate? Explain, and defend your answer.    

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