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  1. A local cooking school offers classes to teach their future chefs about the impact of their menu choices on the environment. The instructor has asked that you be a guest presenter during the next class to help explain where the ingredients of the dish came from and the environmental impacts associated with each of them.

    Choose 1 of the following for your presentation:
    • A 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with narration and detailed speaker notes
    • A 3- to 4-minute video
    • Watch the resources associated with your choice of deliverable:
    • Narrated Presentation:
    • “Record a slide show with narration and slide timings” 
    • "Turn Your Presentation into a Video" 
    • "How to Make a Presentation"
    • Video:
    • "How to Make a Presentation"
    • "How to Film a Video of Yourself"
    • “Using Microsoft Stream: Recording a Screen or Video”
    • “How to Upload from your Phone”
    • Choose an entrée for your presentation. Select from rainbow trout or Chilean sea bass.

      Include the following for each entrée:
    • Explain the ingredient's journey from source to plate. Consider where the ingredient is harvested or caught, the way it is transported to the restaurant it is served in, and how long that journey takes.
    • Identify the ingredient's environmental impacts from agriculture and farming strategies, toxins introduced into the environment, impacts of transportation, and the ingredient processing. Consider how the aquaculture or commercial fishing methods impact the environment, such as the impact of fish farms on wild populations, a species vulnerability to fishing pressure, and how bycatch may be impacting the environment.
    • Discuss how readily available the ingredient is for different populations around the world. Consider how easy it is to purchase the ingredient, the demand globally (its popularity), and how seafood seasons affect its availability.
    • Format your references according to APA guidelines. Include a reference slide if you choose a PowerPoint presentation.

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