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 Imagine More Than the Sun 

Many of the odd things that can happen to the Sun happen when it is much more massive or has a companion star (or several companions).  In fact, the most common kinds of stars are not single stars, but binary star systems.  In this discussion, we will be examining possible outcomes of these different kind of setups.

  1. SETUP - Use this link to calculate two random numbers.  Just click RAND, third row from the top.
  2. Multiply the second number by 4, that will be the new number of stars in the Solar System.  So, if you got 0.25, that is 0.25 x 4 = 1 sun (just like today).  If you got 0.47, that is 0.47 x 4 = 1.88, round up to two suns (a binary star system).  Round up if it is .5 to .99, round down if it is .01 to .49
  3. For each star you calculate above, get a second random number and multiply that random number by 10, this will be the mass of the "new" Sun.
  4. What to do - Post your numbers (solar masses and number of stars) and then give a 100 word description of what would happen to the star(s) during the lifetime of the Solar System.  Be sure to include if this setup would change the number or location of planets, how long the stars will last, and the end stages of the star(s) lifetimes. 
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