Sanders PSY 4306 Industrial Organizational Psychology Unit 3

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The manufacturing organization ABC has hired you as an industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologist to evaluate 100 assembly workers, 15 floor managers, and one plant manager. Create a PowerPoint presentation that discusses the important factors of job performance, job performance measurements, and evaluation and feedback. Address the following information in your presentation.

· Identify the different components of job performance that you will consider in this process.

· Describe the different measures of job performance, and explain the measures you will use and why you chose those measures.

· Identify the methods of feedback you will use in the evaluation process of the assembly workers, managers, and plant manager.

· Explain why you selected the methods of feedback and how they will help the workers and managers develop in the future.

This presentation should be created with the intention that you are presenting this to the organization’s executives before implementation with the workers. You should base your presentation on research from at least two sources from the CSU Online Library. You may also use your textbook, but it is not included in the two external sources.

Please include in-text citations within your presentation and a references slide at the end, both of which should be formatted according to APA Style.

Your presentation should appear professional, using appropriate formatting and graphics. Use the notes section to elaborate further on each slide. The presentation must include a minimum of 12 slides, not counting title slide and references slide.