I’m sure that many of my classmates can relate to me when I say that I also believed that fall was fall because the earth was farther away from the sun and that summer was summer because the earth was closer to it. I really enjoyed this week’s lecture and being able to physically see the earth tilted on its axis and how that, along with its revolution around the sun, affected where, when, and how the sun’s light shines on our planet. I also really enjoyed seeing those pictures of areas where the sun is directly overhead and shadows were either directly below objects or people, or appeared to not exist at all. I also watched the extra video about how Eratosthenes was able to measure the circumference of the earth with just a stick in the ground. It always amazes me how people were able to discover such complex and large things when they had little to no technology whatsoever. Also, I’ve never heard of Eratosthenes but I feel like this guy isn’t getting the credit he deserves.

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