businesses seem to move more towards e-commerce and utilization of technology. As the use of the web increases, consumers are turning to shopping online. This may be for many reasons including, time-saving, brand visibility, offers, messaging, personal recommendations and many more (Singhal, & Tanwar, 2021). Shopping online allows consumers many more options than shopping in person would. Businesses also have many options when it comes to B2B commerce. In the planning process they analyze many options to decide what manufacture to go with and what price will be agreed upon. B2C has a more simple process that often does take as long between business and consumer. Nice job and good luck in your future endeavors. 

Singhal, S., & Tanwar, P. (2021). A prediction model for benefitting e-commerce through usage of regional data: A new framework. IAES International Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 10(4), 1009-1018. doi:

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