RESEARCH PROPOSAL ( case analysis )

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You have learned basic research methods in this class.  Please apply the concepts you have learned for this final assignment.  Use APA format to write an 10-12 page paper (Word Doc or Docx format please) (that being said, I don’t count pages, just if the content meets the assignment/rubric requirements as scholarly writing should be succinct anyway), including title page and reference page.  Bold key terms from the book in your paper.

First, choose a topic that you are interested in researching now or in the future.  Be sure that research methods are needed to solve the problem/topic you choose.  Your topic should be of interest to not only you but also other professionals. If Job Satisfaction is a genuine topic of interest for you, you should choose this topic; however, you must also provide a paper that reflects additional critical thinking and research beyond what was covered during the quarter. 

Once you choose a topic, please write a paper that addresses the following:   

  • Topic of the research and why you chose the topic. 
    • What is the problem that requires additional data to better understand?  How would the research apply at your place of work or in some other aspect of your life?
  • What are your research questions?  A minimum of three (3) questions is required. 
    • The questions should address what do you want to know as well as solve the stated problem.  (Will the answers to the questions solve the stated problem?  At this stage, you should also ask yourself how knowing the answers to the questions will promote growth within your community or organization?) 
  • What does the literature tell you about this topic?  Please go to the CWU online library and perform a scan of the professional literature regarding your research topic. 
    • For original topics, 3 scholarly articles are required. 
    • If you chose Job Satisfaction as your topic, then 6 scholarly articles are required. 
    • Summarize the current state of research (what you found). 
    • Cite the articles using APA format.  
    • Note:  If needed, adjust your research questions to reflect your literature review.  If you cannot find any literature on your topic, you will need to re-examine the validity of your proposed research.
  • Based on your preliminary literature search, what samples or data would you need to collect to reliably answer your research questions?  
    • Describe your sampling technique/data acquisition methodology along with areas for possible bias. 
    • Remember to consider your sampling method and size and be sure to provide detail regarding your technique.  For example, if you intend to survey a population, what specific survey questions will you ask?  How many people must you survey in order to obtain a representative (i.e. reliable and valid) data set?
  • Discuss at least three (3) valid methods you would use to properly interpret the data you would receive from part 4. 
    • Describe how you will convince the research and/or business community that your study is reliable, valid and useful/impactful. 
    • Use terms from the book; please use boldface the key terms.
  • How would you communicate your research results to 1) an academic (scholarly) audience and 2) a general audience?  
    • Give at least 2 specific examples for each type of audience.
    • Remember what you learned in ADMG525 about appropriate writing and presenting for "scholars" vs. a more general audience.  
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