Research paper review in detail


I need the following after reviewing the paper

Problem Statement - Issued discussed by the author

Approach & design - How the authors approach to the issue & what proposed ideas they mentioned

Strengths and Weakness - Readers perspective strengths & weakness from the papaer

Evaluation(Performance) - How the authors evaluated the proposed system, what parameters they used to test the performance

Conclusion(In readers perspective)

Along with these, I need to have a detailed explanation of the paper section-wise:

sections are:




Delay Compensation(This need to be in more detail along with the algorithm explanation)

Performance evaluation

Discussion & conclusion


The figures in the paper should also be addressed. 

Need PPT slides for section 3 less slides and more explanation(bullet points in slides, explanation in a different document file) Algorithm flow and all should be addressed.

Nothing should be taken directly from the paper.

Should not use any only AI tools for developing the content

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