Research Paper on Security Issues and solutions for E commerce Websites


To write a proposal and Research paper, you need to attention to the following points: Generally, start with an overview or a background about the problem that you want to solve. But before writing a background, you need to understand the problem then try to find an answer or a solution for that.

Background: Security issues in eCommerce are causing a lot of damage to businesses such as financial and their reputation. the attacks on e-commerce website are gowning gradually for more that 30% of the total e-commerce websites from small to large businesses.So, the first step would be:  

Step-1: Finding a problem (what is the function of the writing the proposal)

We need to have a problem then we can suggest various ways to answers it or suggest a method to resolve the issue. In this case, you need to answer, <What do you want to do?> that means <What is the problem that you want to solve it?> for example, we have a security problem on client-server architecture based on E-commerce structure, such as the security and privacy of online transactions, including

  • Denial of Service, (DoS) 
  • Unauthorized access,
  • Malicious Alterations to websites,
  • Theft of customer information, 
  • Damage to computer networks,
  • Creation of counterfeit sites. 

Step-2: Method and Solution

We need to focus on the problem and find a solution or a way to answer to the problem, that means <How do you want to do your project?>for example, my method is to design a secure client and server architecture, so we can create or use an exiting model then find a solution for the above problems and how to minimize the vulnerability of this structure. That means to find a solution for each part of the problem.for example, in terms of DoS, the attackers stop authorized users from accessing a website, resulting in reduced functioning of the website.How the attackers doing DoS, or what's the type of DoS attacks? the DoS attacks are based on Network, Protocol, Storage, Processor,.... We can consider using a password management, password encryption techniques, using multi-factor authentication, using security questions, creating a uniquid accessing for each device.In case of secure network, all we want to stop <zombie machines> or <devices> to access or make a requests to a service. then, we need to think about each DoS simulation and the method (for example in the network layer) that we want to work on it. 

Step-3: Result and Analysis and outcome expectation

At this stage, we want to know <what would be the outcomes>, and <how we can validate/test the results>? So I expect to see your proposal that can present a problem and be able to write the answer to above questions and above steps in any format. You can write or make a flowchart and/or demonstrate step-by-step work actions, also creating a job duties for each member (optional).Let me know if you have any other questions,

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