Research Paper - How does cortisol affect women's cardiac health?



Your paper should be at least 8 pages long (body of paper, not including title page and reference list) and should include the following sections:

(1) Discussion of the issue, including a description of the issue and current status of the issue: statistics (what population(s) are affected? What is the magnitude of the issue?) and trends. This corresponds to the Introduction or Background section of an article.

(2) Current strategies or programs that address the issue—including an analysis of how well these strategies/programs are working. This corresponds to the Literature Review section of an article.

(3) Your recommendations for needed actions (supported by evidence.) Make sure you also discuss the relationship between what is being done and what you have determined should be done. (What do your recommendations address that current strategies are not addressing?) This (loosely) corresponds to the Methods, Results, and Discussion sections of an article.

(4) Conclusion. 

(5) References in APA format (both in-text citations and Reference page)

For statistics and general descriptions of health issues you may use sources like the CDC, WHO, SAMHSA, NIH, etc. However, you must also use peer-reviewed sources in this paper. You can access the peer-reviewed literature through Google Scholar website and a database such as EBSCO or PubMed. I don’t like dictating a minimum number of sources, but you probably won’t have enough information to complete the paper without at least 4-5 peer-reviewed sources.

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