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Students will develop a 5-page research proposal (not including the title and reference page) to investigate a current public health issue. The proposal should include a proposal for change which demonstrates sensitivity to racial/ethnic, political, economic, and social characteristics. The format should be 12-point Times New Roman font and have appropriate APA style formatting. Additional instructions and a complete rubric are provided at the end of the syllabus and in Canvas.

NOTE: Under NO circumstances is artificial intelligence (AI) software is to be used to generate your policy paper. Please do not use any websites to check grammar, paraphrase your work etc. Your policy report will be checked and if AI software was shown to be used will result in a report with a percentage. If AI is shown to be used to generate your paper, you will receive a zero with no resubmits. Therefore, I recommend that you use and cite references according to APA however, do not use any software to generate your reports.

Research Topic:

The Impact of Physical Activity on Mental Health

Research Question

How does regular physical activity influence various aspects of mental health, including mood, stress levels, and cognitive function, among different age groups and populations?